J.M. Weston, historical French brand, launched in 2020 the action Weston Vintage: old Weston pairs can be brought back to the store by clients, are restored in the workshop located in Limoges, and resold, half-priced.

The house contacted Saltimbanque for the print and digital communication of this unprecedented and innovative action.


Which communication to create for such an action, of which the success depends solely on the participation of clients ?


For this exceptional action, Saltimbanque took this simple fact: for this action to work, it is firts and foremost necessary that it be understood by the audience. This is why the campaign focused on a clear and impacting explanation of Weston Vintage, by presenting, through different posters aimed at different targets, each step of the process. Through these creations, the agency played with the vintage esthetic and the collage technique, to transmit the idea of recycling and timeless style.


Saltimbanque’s print and digital campaign succeeded to find particular resonance with the brand’s clients, and through it, the action Weston Vintage came to life: multiple shoes have indeed been brought back, restored, and resold. The transmission between generations took place.