The Société des Bains de Mer of Monte-Carlo, that includes hotels, casinos, the Baths, the Monte-Carlo Country Club, the golf and several restaurants and clubs of the principality, confided to Saltimbanque, starting 2014, the mission to accompany it for all its communication, strategy, creative advertising, publishing, events.

Monte-Carlo, created 150 years ago by the Sovereign Prince of Monaco, has been, throughout the ages, an international top place for art de vivre in the the richest sense of the word: the sea, art, luxury, sports, invention, celebration, game.


How to overcome the stereotypes of a too literal luxury to propose a new vision of Monte-Carlo ?


Saltimbanque has proposed a new guideline to Monte-Carlo and its casinos, « The Bright Side of Gaming », and has revealed the poetic and artistic dimension of this location, through communication and events that the agency organizes there regularly.


Since the introduction of this new positioning, and its integration in all the spheres and at every level of the Société des Bains de Mer, Monte-Carlo has found a new impulse and shine that make of each of its events a success, and that attract ever more people from all around the world.