Thanks to the vacuum dual wall technology, Tiger reinvents with the Maho Nabé – « magic pot » in Japanese – the thousand year old tradition of the Nabé, for the greatest pleasure of all the great cuisine lovers.

The Nabé finds its source in the North of Japan in the ancient times, 14,000 years BC. Clay or cast, low heated, the ideal temperature called « Niebana » - between 96°C and 100°C – the Nabé develops all the ingredients’ flavors and keeps the meal warm long after cooking.

Saltimbanque has accompanied Tiger in the elaboration of the launching strategy of Maho Nabé in France. Creation of communication visuals, packaging, partnerships, videos and events.


What communication to create to present with a strong impact an ancestral Japanese product to a French audience?


To create a bridge between Japan and France, Saltimbanque has contacted the starred chef Alain Passard, who presented through videos different recipes in which he used the Maho Nabé.


Thanks to this collaboration, the object naturally established itself as the reference of the Japanese savoir-faire, and the top end in France.