Saltimbanque has been working alongside Louis Roederer since the creation of the agency. Creation of advertising campaigns, packaging, news story in the vineyards, written and visual contributions to the brand magazine, L’Officiel, and to the website, creation of the Louis Roederer Foundation for contemporary art, and participation to its programmation, interviews of artists and figures related to the brand, organisation of artistic and festive events.


How to transmit through communication the high-end status of the house without indulging in the cliché codes of champagne advertising, presenting the bottle as a precious object?


« À la recherche de l’œuvre » and « Tutoyer la nature »: these two print campaigns have allowed to shake the traditional codes by making the bottle invisible and by actually highlighting the essence of its value, ie, the spirit of wine.


By clearly displaying its artistic ambition, Louis Roederer has marked its commitment to a beautiful commerce and has achieved to stand out on the market. Today, the identity created by Saltimbanque is declined on every element of the brand, and the speech around its values is carried daily by its president and all its collaborators.