The Festival Terre d’Eaux, founded by the Comity of the Seine Estuary, celebrates the water and the richness of this territory, through arts, sciences, music, and sports. The festival took place in June and July of 2014. Saltimbanque has created the visual identity of the event: Thierry Consigny was the artistic curator of the festival, alongside Cédric Crémière, director of the Havre Museum.


How to give life to the richness of the port of Le Havre through art?


The artist JR created a monumental work, boarded on a container ship on its way to Malaysia, as part of his project Women Are Heroes, that pays tribute to those that play an essential role in society but who are the first victims of exaction in times of war. Portraits and gazes of women have been displayed everywhere in the world, since 2007. This long trip ended in Le Havre, on this boat, that ended up leaving the shore to travel all around the world.


Thanks to this exceptional work, created as part of the Festival Terre d’Eaux, Le Havre has benefitted from a growing visibility, and has been able to pay a tribute, through art, to the port dockers.