In 1977, the businessman Vittorio Moretti set himself a new challenge: he decided to transform a small family vineyard on the hills of Bellavista, at the foot of the Alps, into a real brand. After having acquired several hectares of land at Franciacorta and having invested in the production of quality wine, the Bellavista Domain was officially born.

Saltimbanque has been working with Bellavista since 2012, on brand strategy, advertising and packaging.


How to give weight and legitimacy to a young wine domain on a market dominated by centuries-old houses?


« Air your wine ». The signature created by Saltimbanque references to the unique method of oxygenation invented by Bellavista: to fight oxidation, instead of putting sulphate in the bottles, which is responsible for headaches, the wine-makers chose to paradoxically intensively oxygenate the wine.

« Air your wine » is also the translation of the entire culture of the house: embodying the fresh air blowing on the wine market, and claiming the youth of the domain, the entrepreneurial spirit with which Francesca Moretti runs the vineyards, and its commitment to sustainable development.


Thanks to this strong and distinctive positioning, sales jumped by 30% the first year, in Italy and in the world. Today, Bellavista has become the official supplier of La Scala in Milan, while the domain has doubled its size.